Homeboy Beautiful

Alternate Names
H.B. Expose
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Joey Terrill
322 N. Mariposa Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
United States

Homeboy Beautiful was a short-lived and influential queer Chicano publication of the late 1980’s authored by Joey Terrill. With two existing editions and only 100 copies produced, Homeboy Beautiful fostered a sense of community within the queer Chicano scene by presenting relevant cultural content, such as featuring the problems in los barrios (neighborhoods) and highlighting the homo-homeboy lifestyle that was specific to how local Chicanos approached homosexuality. Included in both editions are “Ask Lil Loca”, a segment serving as a "letters-to-editor" feature, fashion tips relevant to cholo/a culture, art entries, and “exposés” such as a homo-homeboy party or a gang-planned kidnapping. This magazine served as safe space for Chicanos in the predominantly white gay scene. Address listed was author Joey Terrill's P.O. Box for mail art submissions.

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