The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet II was a leather bar that notably hosted queercore showcase "The Freak Show" and welcomed queercore bands throughout LA to perform as regulars. Queercore, not exactly a subgenre of punk, but rather a divergent response to the sexism and homophobia of the punk scene, sought to not only dismantle these prejudices amidst the punk scene but also speak out against the growing conservatism of the gay and lesbian mainstream. 

One venue that popularly featured queercore bands in the 90s was the "The Freak Show" hosted by leather bar The Gauntlet II (now known as The Eagle) in Silver Lake at 4219 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029. The club had a twenty-one year run under the name and ownership of The Gauntlet II from 1983-2005, during which Edward Hibbs, aka Gogo-Eddie emceeed and hosted events such as The Freak Show, which featured local queercore bands like Best Revenge, IAMLOVED, and Nick Name and The Normals (aka Kent James). Best Revenge, a popular LA queercore band and regulars on stage at the Gauntlet II, was formed by Ryan Revenge (vocals/guitar) and KT (bass/vocals) in 1998. The two were previously in a band called Happybomb while attending college at the University of Southern California. Best Revenge eventually went on to sign a record deal with the small Venice, California based punk/queercore label Spitshine Records, which also released local acts like IAMLOVED, $3 Puta, Brian Grillo (of Extra Fancy and Lock Up), Hot-N-Heavy, the Sharpease and a Freak Show compilation CD.    



Thu, 08/16/2018
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