Transgender Hirstory in 99 Objects: Legends & Mythologies


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Organized by the Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art, or MOTHA, Transgender Hirstory in 99 Objects examines objects that hold significance in narrating the history of transgender communities. The project blurs the line between the real and the imaginary, the known and the unknowable, giving visibility to actual people and events that remain foundational for transgender history while embracing partial facts, rumors, and maybes. Inspired by the Smithsonian’s book American History in 101 Objects, which was in turn inspired by A History of the World in 100 Objects by the BBC and the British Museum, this presentation of Transgender Hirstory in 99 Objects at ONE Archives, subtitled Legends & Mythologies, marks the first iteration of this evolving, multi-exhibition project. Founded and directed by artist Chris E. Vargas, MOTHA is an imagery museum that seeks to bring a cohesive visual history of transgender culture into existence through temporary autonomous programs that envision the existence of a legitimate and legitimizing arts and history institution for trans people.

This brochure accompanied the exhibition Transgender Hirstory in 99 Objects: Legends & Mythologies presented at ONE Archives in 2014. It features nine newly commissioned texts addressing the artists and historical figures in the show. The contributing writers include: Ari Banias on Sam Lopes; Ezra Berkley Nepon on Nicki Green; Kelly Besser on Sir Lady Java; Maxe Crandall on Emmett Ramstad; Aaron H. Devor on Reed Erickson and Onya Hogan-Finlay; Reina Gossett and Grace Dunham on the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) and Tuesday Smillie; Raquel Gutiérrez on Wu Tsang and R.J. Messineo; Abram J. Lewis on Angela Douglas; and Chris E. Vargas on Monica Helms.

Saddle-stitch binding, full color, 24 pages
Published by ONE Archives at the USC Libraries and the Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art (MOTHA), 2014
Edited by Chris E. Vargas and David Evans Frantz