Stand Close, It’s Shorter Than You Think: A show on feminist rage


Katherine Brewer Ball and RJ Messineo

With contributions by Katherine Brewer Ball on MPA; Corrine Fitzpatrick on Guadalupe Rosales; Gordon Hall on RJ Messineo; and Jack Halberstam on boychild; as well as a conversation between Katherine Brewer Ball, David Evans Frantz, and Heather Love

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition Stand Close, It’s Shorter Than You Think: A show on feminist rage, co-curated by Katherine Brewer Ball and RJ Messineo and presented by ONE Archives in collaboration with Artist Curated Projects (ACP). Stand Close explores the promises and pitfalls of thinking with rage as a meditation, an inspiration, a medium, and a process. Rage is both a re-action and an action. It is felt in response to unequal power-dynamics such as sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and racism and the accumulation of these insults over time, lifetimes, and generations. Examining the way rage shapes and is expressed in the work of four contemporary queer and feminist artists, Stand Close brings together the products and the process of rage.

The publication includes an introduction by the show’s curators and contributions on the four included artists by invited writers: Katherine Brewer Ball on MPA; Corrine Fitzpatrick on Guadalupe Rosales; Gordon Hall on RJ Messineo; and Jack Halberstam on boychild. Additionally, the catalogue includes a conversation between Stand Close co-curator Katherine Brewer Ball, ONE Archives curator David Evans Frantz, and scholar Heather Love reflecting on the exhibition, the role of the archive, and how rage manifests in art.

Softbound, full color, 56 pages
Published by ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, 2015
Edited by Katherine Brewer Ball and David Evans Frantz
Designed by Otherwild (Rachel Berks)