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In Search of Baba Singh

On: Feb 27 - Mar 9 2019 at: -
In Search of Baba Singh takes as its jumping off point the arrest record of Baba Singh, a laborer from Punjab, India, who was arrested in 1914 in California for 'infamous crimes against nature'; a statute that at the time would criminalize a range of sexual behaviors including homosexuality.

A grammar built with rocks

On: Oct 13 - Dec 21 2018 at: -
This exhibition examines artistic practices that trace the racialized and gendered relationship between bodies and land

Lost & Found: Safer Sex Activism

On: Mar 17 - Jul 1 2018 at: -
This exhibition examines thirty years of inspiring and defiant safer sex and harm reduction activism through the collections at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries

M. Lamar: Funeral Doom Spiritual

On: Apr 15 - Jul 30 2016 at: -
Drawing on Negro Spirituals that call for the end times, what Lamar calls Doom Spirituals, this installation at ONE Archives exhumes legacies of racial violence while longing for the forthcoming destruction of white supremacy