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Past Exhibitions

The Gay Rub

On: Feb 2 - 23 2014 at: -
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives presents The Gay Rub at the ONE Archives Gallery & Museum in West Hollywood, a collaborative project created and organized by Steven Reigns showcasing a collection of 100 rubbings from important markers of LGBTQ history


On: Apr 8 - Aug 1 2015 at: -
One of the most iconic architectures of public sex, the glory hole, is usually equated with its obverse: the phallus.

Jay R. Lawton: PROJECT 50

On: Jun 7 - 14 2014 at: -
Jay R. Lawton’s PROJECT 50 challenges cultural stereotypes about gay men and aging.

Cock, Paper, Scissors

On: Apr 2 - Jul 10 2016 at: -
This exhibition brings together works by an intergenerational group of fifteen queer artists who explore the collaged page or the scrapbook with diverse, erotically inclined tactics

Latent Images

On: Jul 28 - Sep 30 2012 at: -
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives presents Latent Images, an exhibition of contemporary photography by Leah DeVun alongside a range of historical, photo-based materials, including art photography and captivating personal photo albums, from the collections at ONE Archives.

Let Your Body In

On: Apr 21 - Jul 1 2012 at: -
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives presents Let Your Body In, an exhibition of work by contemporary queer artists alongside artworks and objects from the collections at ONE Archives.

To Whom it May Concern

On: Oct 8 2011 - Aug 17 2012 at: -
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives is pleased to present To Whom It May Concern, a site-specific installation by Catherine Lord

Exhibition Archive

On: Jul 23 2010 - Sep 11 2011 at: -
Find below listing of select exhibitions organized by ONE Archives or significant collaborators prior to 2011.