Vaginal Davis and Platinum Oasis

Alternate Names
Vaginal Creme Davis
Afro Sisters
First Documented
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Coral Sands Motel
1730 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
United States

Vaginal “Creme” Davis is a black genderqueer drag queen and performance artist who became largely popular and recognizable for performing at various clubs in the Los Angeles underground performance scene. She created and performed with many different bands including Pedro Muriel and Esther, Cholia! The Female Menudo, black fag, and the Afro Sisters. Later in her artistic career, Vaginal Davis hosted Platinum Oasis, a queer performance and art installation festival installed in the Coral Sands Motel. Her work is meant to be a loud, unapologetic, celebration of uniqueness that encourages creative expression in members of LGBTQ+, black and Hispanic, and underprivileged communities.

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