Six (Linear) Feet: Works in Progress Series

Event Details

Six (Linear) Feet is a project inviting artists to respond to the now ubiquitous usage of the phrase “6 feet,” reflecting on its meaning both literally and symbolically. The title of this project, Six (Linear) Feet, refers to the way space is often measured at an archive, where linear feet refer to how much front shelf-space boxes or a collection will take up. The project invites artists to probe these measurements and how they relate to the body, our daily habits, and our interactions as humans. How has the call for 6 feet of separation changed our conception of space and distance? How do we build community and resilience from 6 feet apart? How can distance and display bring us together? How do we work with this new constraint upon daily living? This project is curated by Alexis Bard Johnson and Jeanne Vaccaro.

Through an open call, we have selected six Los Angeles based artists for this project. In addition to a final exhibition later in 2021, each artist will be sharing their works in progress on Instagram. These will be archived on our Instagram account as well as available later on the project website. Artist will share about themselves and their work throughout the day. A few special live events are noted below. 

April 17: Aimee Goguen
April 21: Sandra Rosales
April 25: Enrique Castrejon
May 2: Chosun Family (live events throughout the day, schedule tbd)
May 5: Harris Kornstein (5pm live happy hour!)
May 11: Amelia Bande (5pm live concert!)

To learn more about the project and each artist, check out the project website here