Odyssey (Beverly)

The Odyssey was a popular nightclub that primarily served young residents of the Hollywood area. Located on 8471 Beverly Boulevard, the club openly welcomed gay and lesbian teenage patrons and provided a space for them to explore their sexual identities. The decline of the establishment was due to community backlash due to its reputation for informally serving alcohol to the underage, the selling of infamous club drugs such as quaaludes and the increase of crime and commotion.

The Odyssey nightclub opened its doors in 1976. For anyone under the age the drinking age of 21, this was one of the most prominent places for nightlife. This club became a place where groups of various backgrounds gathered to socialize, listen to pop-rock hits and dance to disco until the wee hours of the morning. The Odyssey did not advertise itself as a gay club initially, but young gay men and women were welcomed to frequent the club and explore their sexual identity. Different crowds came in on different days — on Mondays, it was more of punk rock scene and on Fridays, it was a mainstream crowd wearing hip disco outfits popular at the time. 

The joys the club brought also came with criticism. The Odyssey was well known for a wide range of drugs that could be bought and recreationally used, and area residents also fought to revoke the permits of this club due to the constant noise and pandemonium that ran the streets of Beverly Boulevard. “For years, residents of the neighborhood have complained that teenagers frequenting the Odyssey—many of whom are as young as 13 and 14—drink alcoholic beverages, consume drugs, make noise and openly urinate and engage in sex outside the club” (Furillo, Andy). In 1985, the club burned down and was not rebuilt.


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