Walkthrough of “THINGS” with Seth Bogart and Bradford Nordeen

Sunday, December 11, 2016
Plummer Park, Long Hall
1200 North Vista Street
West Hollywood, CA 90046


Join artist Seth Bogart and curator Bradford Nordeen as they lead an informal walkthrough of THINGS: a queer legacy of graphic art and play at ONE’s off-site exhibition venue in West Hollywood’s Plummer Park. Held on the final day to see the exhibition, Bogart and Nordeen will discuss their artistic practice and the organization of the show. THINGS presents work produced during moments of leisure by an intergenerational group of seven artists. Through expressive self-portraiture, utopian world-making, and scene-charting ‘zine cultures, the artists each reflect on the world as it appears or is perceived at immensely personal moments of artistic reflection.


Image: Seth Bogart, Necessities, 2015-16. Ceramics, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist