I Want My EZTV

Event Details

Presented as part of TV Tuesdays at The Cinefamily in conjunction with EZTV: Video Transfer at the ONE Gallery

Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 7:30pm

The Cinefamily
611 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Admission is $12. Free for Cinefamily members.
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Soon after moving to Orange County with her absent father and scheming Christian step-mother, Tammy the “teenage time-bomb” is kidnapped and led into a life of senseless violence by her two bisexual companions, Link and Troy. Produced for only $1000 and rich with outrageous lines like “I’m gonna give you a scaldin’ Clorox enema!”, James Dillinger’s low-brow camp classic Blonde Death (1984) was the first hit from EZTV, an alternative video space founded in West Hollywood in 1979. Positioned as  an alternative to both the closed worlds video art and mainstream Hollywood, EZTV with LA’s destination for DIY video production and antics. In addition to Blonde Death, “I Want My EZTV” will screen an excerpt of the only surviving episode of EZTV’s reoccurring video drama Faculty Wives (c. 1983), chronicling the scandals and tribulations of higher education and departmental politics at the fictitious Frigem University, among other videos culled from the archives of EZTV.