Los Angeles County Hospital

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Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center
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LAC + USC Medical Center ACT UP/LA Vigil
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LAC + USC Medical Center
2051 Marengo St
Los Angeles, CA 90033
United States

The AIDS epidemic swept through the nation at the beginning of the 1980’s, with a speed and mortality rate that snapped the nation out of its golden age of sexual liberation. Major cities like Los Angeles, with a large gay population, saw rates of opportunistic infections skyrocket amongst otherwise healthy men. Los Angeles was quick to jump into action, responding with grassroots activism that quickly grew in size as well as structure. ACT UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power) Los Angeles was officially formed in 1987, and they took to the streets to passionately fight for a group that is fighting for their own lives. Many of their demonstrations targeted public institutions like the CDC, FDA, and in this instance LA County + USC Medical Center.

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