Finding Aids

The archival collections at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries and the GLBT Historical Society are searchable via the Online Archive of California (OAC). You can explore ONE and GLBT archival collections on the OAC using the two search boxes below. Or follow the links below to explore finding aids for the 111 previously hidden archival collections selected for Out West.

ONE Archives at the USC Libraries Finding Aids

  1. Advocate Experience records
  2. Ames (Bob) scrapbook
  3. Asian/Pacific Lesbians and Gays (A/PLG) records
  4. Ball (Jim Buddy) papers
  5. Barnes (B.W. Grant) papers
  6. Beck (Brian Kevin) papers
  7. Bentley (Ester F.) photographs and papers
  8. Beth Chayim Chadashim records
  9. Blue Max Motorcycle Club records
  10. Bodybuilding photographs
  11. Boone (James) and Joseph Bocuzzo papers
  12. Boyd (Malcolm) and Mark Thompson papers
  13. boyFrank (Manuel) papers
  14. Bradley (Ann) papers
  15. Bromilow (Peter) collection on gay motorcycle clubs
  16. Brossette (Stanley R.) papers
  17. Brown (Rogen) papers
  18. Burns (Ray L.) Burns and Art Miyashima photographs and postcards
  19. California Human Rights Advocates records
  20. California March on Sacramento for Lesbian and Gay rights records
  21. Canalli (John) photographs and video recordings
  22. Carrel (Jack) papers
  23. Carrier (Joseph M.) papers
  24. Cavener (Jim) papers
  25. Coast to Coast Times records
  26. Coleman (Thomas F) and Jay M. Kohorn papers
  27. Córdova (Jeanne) papers and photographs
  28. Cunard (David) and Walter Shuster motorcycle club collection
  29. Davis (Richard) papers
  30. Dean (Roy) photographs
  31. DeCrescenzo (Teresa) papers
  32. Denton (Richard) papers
  33. Escalante (Vivian) collection
  34. Evans (Eric Scott) and Jerome Maxwell Strum papers
  35. Fernandez-Alemany (Manuel) research papers
  36. Foreman (Shawn Daniel) and Joseph Michael Reed papers
  37. Gaard (David) theatrical works and short stories
  38. Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) records
  39. Hansell (Dean) papers
  40. Harley (Donald V. S.) papers
  41. Hilyard (Robert) March on Washington and March on Sacramento papers
  42. Hitt (R. Scott) papers
  43. Holland (Dale) papers
  44. Hopkins (Glenn) papers
  45. Hunt (Gale) papers
  46. Janis (Bruce) student papers
  47. Jenkins (Lawrence E.) papers
  48. Kaye (Lisa) papers
  49. Kearns (Michael) papers
  50. Lesbian and Gay Academic Union records
  51. Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center Queer CyberCenter records
  52. Manners (Robert J.) papers
  53. March Committee for Lesbian and Gay Rights/Los Angeles records
  54. March on Sacramento records
  55. McCarthy (Harold "Mac") photographs and papers
  56. Mershon (Brian) papers
  57. Mirken (Bruce) papers
  58. Moritz (William) and Harry Frazier collection
  59. Mountains AIDS Foundation records
  60. National March for Lesbian/Gay Rights records
  61. National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay rights records
  62. O'Brien (John) papers
  63. Olympics Out of Cobb County records
  64. Orlando Gallery records
  65. Partyka (Eugene) and Philip Stuart papers
  66. Pickett (James Carroll) papers
  67. Pierce (Charles) photographs, papers, costumes, and memorabilia
  68. Pike (Hy) papers
  69. Pikes Peak Gay Community Center (PPGCC) records
  70. Pride Foundation records
  71. Reilly (William) and Edward King papers
  72. Reynolds (Dale) papers
  73. Rice (Hugh) Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center records
  74. Robinson (David) collection
  75. Rocco (Pat) papers and photographs
  76. Sebesta (Ed) papers
  77. Sexual Law Reporter records
  78. Slater (Don)/Homosexual Information Center collection
  79. Smith (Justin) papers
  80. Stewart (Chuck) research and advocacy papers
  81. Stuart (Jason) collection
  82. Super-Men Pageant photographs and promotional material
  83. The Simpsons drawings and records
  84. Tums (Herb) ephemera collection
  85. UCLA Gay Awareness Week records
  86. Warren (Patricia Nell) papers
  87. Wilson (Phill) papers
  88. Woman's Building records
  89. Zen (Michael) storyboards