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Bodega with service counter behind plastic

Six (Linear) Feet [In-Person]

Exhibition featuring new work by six Los Angeles based artists in response to the idea of "six feet."
painting with red, pink, and grey mountains

Foucault on Acid

This exhibition presents the work by queer Native artist Grace Rosario Perkins, staged with archival materials of Foucault in Death Valley.
Person standing with back to camera looking into Los Angeles hills dotted with lights

Jane Eyre, Los Angeles

"Jane Eyre, Los Angeles" is a new video work by LA artist Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik and NYC artist Coco Klockner.
Sign in a park that reads "Keep This Far Apart"

Six (Linear) Feet [Online]

A project investigating the ubiquitous new measurement of six feet. There is currently a call for proposals due February 1, 2021.
Stonewall Poster 1976

Safer at Home

"Safer at Home" is an online exhibition of objects from the ONE Archives Collection at the USC Libraries that resonate with and reflect on the idea of “safer at home.”
Val Martin wins Mr. Leather at Hawks Bar in 1975

To Be Continued...Leather History in Los Angeles 1945-1983

This exhibition showcases the history of leather in Los Angeles from 1945-1983.
Arena nightclub photo by Mario Sandoval

Liberate the Bar! Queer Nightlife, Activism, and Spacemaking

Liberate the Bar! Queer Nightlife, Activism, and Spacemaking is a multimedia exhibition that sheds light on the intricate relationship between nightlife, activism, and creative expression across space and time.
Stephen Varble

The Gutter Art of Stephen Varble: Genderqueer Performance Art in the 1970s Photographs by Greg Day

This exhibition explores the ways in which Stephen Varble's disruptive guerilla performance art has lived on through Greg Day's vibrant photographs that captured his inventive costumes, transformed trash, and public confrontations.
Baba Singh arrest record

In Search of Baba Singh

In Search of Baba Singh takes as its jumping off point the arrest record of Baba Singh, a laborer from Punjab, India, who was arrested in 1914 in California for 'infamous crimes against nature'; a statute that at the time would criminalize a range of sexual behaviors including homosexuality.
Michael Childers Distortions

Michael Childers: Distortions

An exhibition of Michael Childers's surreal Distortions series