Virginia Charles Prince and Transvestia Magazine

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Transvestia Magazine
Chevalier Publications Box 36091
Los Angeles 36, CA
United States

Virginia Charles Prince dedicated much of her life to giving back to the transgender community and normalizing the much stigmatized idea of transvestism and crossdressing. She was the first to recognize and define the difference between sex, gender and transgender versus transsexual. She also worked to uplift the male heterosexual crossdressing community by creating a support group and national organization called Tri Ess, or the Society for a Second Self. Furthermore, she published Transvestia Magazine which was the first transvestite magazine. Transvestia talked about issues surrounding transvestism and transphobia among other things, becoming a source of connection within the transgender community. Through the magazine, subscribers were able to network and connect with each other by way of ads or by personally writing to the editors.

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